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3 favorite people: Alex Gaskarth, Jenna McDougall, Vic Fuentes [x,x,x]
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Jack Barakat + Live
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currents convulsive. (x)


i’ve been waiting until i hit my next thousand to do another promo but that’ll take ages so here’s a promo for all of ya’ll being awesome to 5.7k+ (sorry from the lame header this is super last minute)

✿ rules ✿
  • must be following me.
  • only reblogs count.
  • don’t reblog more than once, it doens’t increase your chances.
  • this has gotta get at least 30 notes because why the frick not.
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  • fav mutuals
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i’ll pick the winners at around 11pm gmt so you have 3 hours to reblog! good luck, babies!

Zack Merrick // All Time Low
Photos by Adam Elmakias